Paris La Defense. Full Crazyness

Paris La Defense is a fantastic location for great architecture images. It offers thousands of opportunities for wide angle multi-leveled shots, great reflectios and all kind of original compositions.

For the first image, I wanted to show the different layers of this place and how they articulate to insert pathways, roads for circulation and the architecture itself. I liked how the curved lines and the arch of the pathway were driving to the opening of the building in front. A real work of art.

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From time to time, they make some special events in the Castle of Versailles called "Les grandes eaux".

All the fountains are working and they have some great classical music in the background. Just a great opportunity to shoot these incredible fountains.

Anish Kapoor in the garden of Versailles.

Sir Anish Kapoor, is a British-Indian sculptor. Born in Bombay, Kapoor has lived and worked in London since the early 1970s when he moved to study art, first at the Hornsey College of Art and later at the Chelsea School of Art and Desig

He is exposing a few gigantic pices and mirror work in the beautiful garden of the Versailles's castle.

Extrapolating on Sky images.

After a very warm day, the sky took some amazing tones and highlights. The wind picked up and the clouds started to darken with the approaching rain.
I made a few images with the intention of trying different processes to get different tones.

I first processed the images in lightroom CC to get the basic adjustments, then sent it to Photoshop for the styling.

I used Alien Skin's Exposure 7 plug-ing to get the amazing Plaroid Color films presets.